Catalogue of all published music from Alain Jamot since 1985

(All titles available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube…)

AJ001 Intime Conviction EP (instrumental/soundtrack, 1992)

AJ002 Ola Salvador ! LP (instrumental/ music for ballet, 1998)

AJ003 Territoires EP (electronic music, 1997)

AJ004 Oresteia LP (music for theater/ modern classical, 2002)

AJ005 13 pieces for prepared piano LP (modern classical music)

AJ006 Music for Quartet LP (modern classical music)

AJ007 Les pirates de l’Edelweiss (Edelweisspiraten) LP (opera/electro-orchestral)

AJ008 Kindertotenlieder Single (rock)

AJ009 Bobo Music LP (electronic music)

AJ010 Kino Musik EP (electronic music/soundtrack)

AJ011 Concerto n° 2 for violin (modern classical)

AJ012 Charlottenburg LP (modern classical/crossover, 2015)

AJ013 The Sisters of Misery EP (rock)

AJ014 Kaddish LP (modern classical/electronic, 2016)

AJ015 Samsara LP (modern classical/electronic, 2016)

AJ016 Heimat LP (modern classical/electronic, 2016)

AJ015 Elements LP (modern classical/electronic 2016)

AJ016 The Berlin Sessions vol 1 LP (electro-orchestral/modern classical, 2017)

AJ017 The Berlin Sessions vol 2 LP (electro-orchestral/modern classical, 2017)

AJ018 Aqua LP (electro-orchestral, 2016)

AJ019 To get rid of minimalism LP (electro-orchestral, 2018)

AJ020 Songs from outer space LP (electronic, 2018)

AJ021 Return of the Mackie EP (electronic)

AJ022 Vortex 2016 LP (electronic music)

AJ023 Vornamen LP (modern classical/electro-orchestral/pop

AJ024 Suomi LP (electro-orchestral, 2016)

AJ025 Sparta LP (electro-orchestral/modern classical, 2016)

AJ026 Nova Express Return LP (modern classical/electro-orchestral, 2018)

AJ027 La mort de Kikky/ The death of Kikky LP (opera, modern classical, 2005)

AJ028 The Tut-tut song Single (electro-pop 2001)

AJ029 Metanoïa-Work want work, Single (industrial music, 1985)

AJ030 Orchestral Mekanik Adventures LP (electro-orchestral/modern classical, 2007)

AJ031 Curry Wurst Party EP (rock/krautrock/instrumental, 2017)

AJ032 Europa Europa, Single (electronic music, 2018)

AJ033 Rock Bottom/Kraft LP (electro-orchestral, 2017)

AJ034 Prana LP (electro-orchestral/electronic)

AJ035 Ordalie LP (experimental/intrumental/electro-orchestral)

AJ036 Concertos 5-6-7 LP (modern classical/electro-orchestral 2018)

AJ037 Lignes de fuite LP (electro/industrial, 2017)

AJ038 Diagnosis LP (rock/instrumental, 2018)

AJ039 Concertos 1-2-3 LP (modern classical/electro-orchestral, 2004-2016)

AJ040 Angels in the sky LP (rock/instrumental, 2018)

AJ041 Thulé LP (electro-orchestral 2016)

AJ042 Renderosity LP (electronic music, 1999)

AJ043 Les Buttes/Stases LP (electro-orchestral, 2006)

AJ044 Jazz me up LP (electro-jazz, 2003)

AJ045 Deux études électroniques/Orange Suite/Rictus LP (electronic music/electro-orchestral/theater music, 2005)

AJ046 Concerto n°4/Souvenirs LP, 2018

AJ047 Hopes and memories LP, 2018

AJ048 Neige LP 2018

AJ049 Mother LP, 2018, rock

AJ050 Wilde ! single, for string quartet, 2009

AJ051 Swedish afternoon, single, electronic and saxophone

AJ052 Suspicious grooves, single, electronic and saxophone

AJ053 Senlis, single, instrumental

AJ054 Rosedub EP, electronic/experimental

AJ055 Fantaisie classique for two violins and electronic, LP

AJ056 Abstract Grooves EP

AJ057 XCA music LP, electronic/experimental music

AJ058 Ultima necat LP, experimental music

AJ059 Turquerie EP, theater music

AJ060 Stage and screen

AJ061 Les sens EP, musique concrète/electronic

AJ062 Huit mélopées pour Pierre Schaeffer, for two violins LP, modern-classical

AJ063 Country Girl, single

AJ064 Brumes LP, soundtrack music

AJ065 Aktion, single, orchestral modern-classical

AJ066 Sarabande LP, modern-classical/experimental

AJ067 In Memoriam, single, rock

AJ068 A Night In Paris LP, instrumental/french pop

AJ069 The Book Of Memories

AJ070 Virtual Baroque

AJ071 Chabada

AJ072 Experimental Disease

AJ073 Jomla Music LP, electro-pop, 1999

AJ074 L’oiseau-Tonnerre LP, modern-classical, 2018

AJ075 Bricolages Divers Et Fortuits, modern-classical

(en cours d’écriture/mixage)

AJ076 Banlieues Imaginaires, single, modern-classical 1992

AJ077 Cantates 1, 2, 3 LP, modern-classical, 2018

AJ078 Messe de Sainte Jeanne d’Arc LP, modern-classical, 2018

AJ079 Requiem for a Thin White Duke LP, modern-classical, 2018

AJ080 (recycled) Symphony n°1 LP, modern-classical/experimental, 2018

AJ081 (recycled) Symphony n°2 LP, modern-classical/experimental, 2018

AJ082 (recycled) Symphony n°3 LP, modern-classical/experimental, 2018

AJ083 12 pieces for piano LP, modern-classical/experimental, 2018








Toy-metal demo tapes…

One can’t be always serious…

so I’ve just decided to invent the Toy-Metal, a computer version of metal with my new Berlin band L’Hiver des Innocents.

Somewhere between lo-fi and a cheap video game soundtrack…

My first tracks as singer as well… 🙂

Nice composers

Frank Zappa : I'm not composing with notes, I compose with musical styles...

Philip Glass : Einstein on the beach, Violin concerto

Pierre Barbaud : inventor of algorithmic music

Benjamin Hamon: a good friend of mine, writing operas

Carl Orff

John Cage : from silence to noise

Richard Pinhas: french electronic godfather

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Antonio Vivaldi

Miles Davis

Charlemagne Palestine

Renaud Gagneux

Michael Nyman

Marin Marais

Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe

Manuel Göttsching

Laurie Spiegel

Edgar Froese

Peter Baumann

Peter Michael Hamel: the last great german composer ?

Europa Europa

Track listing:

Europa europa (concrete electronic music) 5:20

Elle était un peu coincée quand même (for ensemble) 8:30

Sol Invictus ! (electronic music) 4:42