Einojuhani Rautavaara – Etudes (1969)

Another composer, from Finland this time, with a beautiful piece for piano… there’s so many composers outside mainstream and musicologists “camarilla”… 🙂

John Cage, real father of minimalism ?

One can really ask this question: it was in the fourties, and we can find repetitive patterns in this piece, new sound, really amazing… and so far from the average avant-garde silly stuff…

New music

Two new things to discover… A wonderful string quartet by american composer Bryce Dessner, performed by the Kronos Quartet: http://www.npr.org/sections/deceptivecadence/2013/09/17/223455664/first-watch-kronos-quartet-plays-music-by-the-nationals-bryce-dessner And a wonderful soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto (memories of my youth…), Avo Nato and Dessner for The revenant, on Apple Music.    

American avant-garde music

A very interesting film about american avant-garde music, with especially Steve Reich’s point of view about atonal music… !