Nice composers

Frank Zappa : I'm not composing with notes, I compose with musical styles...

Philip Glass : Einstein on the beach, Violin concerto

Pierre Barbaud : inventor of algorithmic music

Benjamin Hamon: a good friend of mine, writing operas

Carl Orff

John Cage : from silence to noise

Richard Pinhas: french electronic godfather

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Antonio Vivaldi

Miles Davis

Charlemagne Palestine

Renaud Gagneux

Michael Nyman

Marin Marais

Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe

Manuel Göttsching

Laurie Spiegel

Edgar Froese

Peter Baumann

Peter Michael Hamel: the last great german composer ?

Europa Europa

Track listing:

Europa europa (concrete electronic music) 5:20

Elle était un peu coincée quand même (for ensemble) 8:30

Sol Invictus ! (electronic music) 4:42

Curry Wurst Party

Track listing:

Schlosspark Lied (4:24) (krautrock band)

Ein Bier bitte ! (3:41) (Philip Glass organ, latin percussions, noises)

Schmidt (9:03) (french analog Polykobol III synthetizer)

Return of the Mackie

Track listing:

Return 1

Return 2

Two electronic pieces in an experimental mood, somewhere between jazz and krautrock…

Available now on Spotify and Apple Music (and a lot more music distributors…)

To get rid of minimalism

Track listing:

Get rid 1 (for symphonic orchestra)

Get rid 2 (for synthetizer)

Get rid 3 (for drum machine)

Get rid 4 (for synthetizer)

In this work, I propose four different ways to interpret minimalism as a music composition concept/process. It’s not the simplest music album to listen to, but I do think it’s really another side of music minimalism to discover…

Available now on Spotify and Apple Music (and a lot more music distributors…). Also part of my yearly subscription on Bandcamp.